Storytime at the Ape's Nest + Hassle Fest 9

It's been a while! Here's a pretty late post with some updates:

I recently began shooting things for Boston Hassle and I've been having a lot of fun with it. Right before Halloween I attended and shot a live storytelling event called Storytime at the Ape's nest. For more information about that you can check it out online here:

To go along with the photos from the event I did a writeup which is up on the Boston Hassle website:

There's also a set up under the events tab of my site with just the images. In addition to the Ape's Nest event I shot at Hassle Fest 9. It was a fun marathon of getting to shoot a whole bunch of different bands of a lot of different styles and genres. There's a writeup with some images from that event on the Boston Hassle site as well:

Some of the images that didn't make it onto the Boston Hassle site post are mixed in with the other concert photos on my site.

Looking forward I've got some overdue street pictures that I need to sort out and upload, and I should have some portraits and possible some more music stuff coming this week!