Fujifilm x100

I bought a used Fujifilm x100 from Ebay. It came in last Friday so I've had some time to give it a spin and I'm excited to get to use it more. I would've given it a proper run downtown this weekend, but my phone died so I didn't go too far from home. I bought the camera so I could have something to bring to concerts since a lot of venues only allow digital cameras with lenses that cannot be removed. I figured it would also be good for street photography since it's small and probably a lot less intimidating than a DSLR. I've had a blast shooting with it. It's super light and easy to bring with my anywhere, it doesn't draw too much attention to itself and the images are coming out great. Getting used to the electronic viewfinder is going to take some work but once I'm 100% comfortable with this camera I'll hopefully be taking some great shots. One of the main things that I'm loving is how wide the lens feels compared to my 50mm prime lens on a crop sensor. It'll definately push me to get closer to whatever I'm shooting. Here are a few pictures from the weekend, I had some fun messing with colors when processing them.