Fenway Portraits + Concert Photos

I think I said something about having some more concert pictures up "soon" in my last blog post. It wouldn't really be my blog if I was actually keeping promises though would it? I've been super busy, but with all photo related things. The feeling of "I have too many pictures to go through and edit" is one of the better overwhelming feelings to have. After going through the pictures from the Beeef, Baby and Ian Sweet show I realized I didn't really have that many keepers to post. Sadly none of the pictures I took of Baby came out all that great, but it was a stepping stone on my way to getting better at taking concert photos. Another thing I learned from that show is that it saves me a headache if I work with the photos in black and white instead of trying to make color work. If I were shooting concerts with my dslr I think colored pictures would come out much better than they do with the x100.

Last Wednesday's photowalk was in Fenway. We lost the sunlight, but it was fun trying to get creative finding lights on the street. Shooting portraits at night keeps leaving me with new fun ideas that I want to test out so hopefully I'll get to do more of that soon. Here's the set:

I wonder if I'll ever stick to a consistent schedule when writing these blogs (or if I'll ever write them not late at night)! I have a set of concert photos from a show on Sunday that I'm pretty happy with that I'll be posting at some point in the near future. I also have some portraits of friends to upload.



I also totally forgot to mention: I think now that I've taken a decent amount of concert photos I'll add a proper gallery for concerts to the site!