Last week I got to give the x100 a spin at a few concerts! I was excited to try shooting at small shows since I hadn't done it before, and that's one of the bigger reasons why I bought the camera. There probably wouldn't have been a problem if I'd brought my dslr to the smaller shows I went to, but having something a lot smaller to have to hold onto for the whole night was a lot easier than lugging around a heavier camera. Shooting at the shows was pretty tricky, I didn't expect it to be super easy going into it. Trying to get sharp pictures in low light was tough and I think I'll get better overtime. I might try the tracking af mode on the x100 next time I bring it to a concert. I was also worried that I wouldn't get to enjoy the shows as much if I was focused on trying to get good pictures, but I still had a tons of fun and don't feel like it took away from the concert experience much! Here's each set, separated by band.

Pink Suds:


Future Punx:

French Vanilla:

I've got a set from another concert that I need to finish up, I'll hopefully have that posted by the end of the week!