Upcoming posts

I've had a pretty busy last week, but on the plus side it's been full of photography. I've got some sets I need to finish processing and then upload so those will be up soon. The first one (which I've just about finished up) is a set of pictures of rescue dogs from http://www.lasthopek9.org/. Getting to shoot dogs was tough because of how unpredictable they can be. I did find that being comfortable with street photography has made me feel pretty prepared for unexpected things to happen when taking pictures. A lot of my favorite shots of people playing with the dogs were when they were more focused on the dogs than the people photographing them so they felt like more natural candid shots. The other set I've got to upload is a pretty large set of pictures from a fighting game tournament, Defend the North. I photographed players from the Skullgirls community at the event. I can't emphasize how much shooting indoors at sort of event helped me learn about composition, taking compelling shots and even just working with the tools I have available on my camera. I'm excited for the next tournament I have the opportunity to shoot at so I can take even better shots and grow as a photographer. That's everything on the horizon. Hopefully I can get back on the streets again soon too.