Busy Days

To contrast with last week's lack of contrast I've got a million things to post this week. It's a long weekend and I've been using my time to take a lot more photos. The first set I'll post is some street shots from Boston. I only had around an hour when I took these but I want to go out one weekend and work more with taking pictures using ads. I was happy with the "Make your move" ad and the person with a suitcase, but there's a lot more potential for clever shots. The next set I've got posted is from two different days of shooting portraits for friends. The more I work with people the easier it gets to direct them. I've found though that a lot of my favorite shots are from when my model is adjusting in the new location we moved to or between two different poses. I look forward to the opportunity to shoot more portraits and get more practice in. Today I might go out and get more street shots, I also might just take it easy since I got in pretty late last night. Overall it's been a good past few days for photos.