June 4th

Something that I love about street photography is that it's really easy for me to pinpoint my weaknesses and what I'd like to work on. I can think about shots that I should've taken, or better ways to frame ones that I took while I'm out shooting. A lot of what I want to improve on boils down to being more patient and confident when taking pictures. I usually go downtown and move quickly when I shoot. On sunny days my shutter speed will be pretty high so I can walk and shoot without much hesitation. While I can run into some pretty neat stuff I miss out on the opportunity to work a particular area and wait for a more unique moment to capture. Being able to identify what I want to work on makes me excited for my next photo walk and keeps me always looking forward to seeing myself improve.

This being said, this was a slower weekend for me in terms of shooting anything interesting. I didn't shoot anything too special but here are a few that I liked. Happy June.