I mentioned last week that I'd met the milestone of having someone get angry at me for taking a picture on the street. This week marks another milestone: forgetting to update my blog on Sunday! Overall not too much went on for me this weekend photo wise. I wasn't feeling too up to going out on Saturday which is good or bad depending on how I look at it.  There would've been big crowds downtown going to see the tall ships which would make for a lot of neat street photography opportunities. Since I wasn't feeling 100% it might've been tiring navigating through an increased crowd size and lead to more of a sour mood than good photos. I did casually get some portraits of two friends on Friday so I'll post that full set below. I'm pretty happy with how they came out with the low light that I was working with. I think the apartment we were in is very nice looking so it made for a neat background. I'll try to go out sometime during a weekday this week for some photos. I'm also looking to find more opportunities to shoot portraits (especially ones that aren't just headshots).