Long weekend + Pride March

This weekend started on Wednesday for me. Being able to go out during a workday and shoot in Boston was a lot of fun and a new experience. I got to see people going to and from their jobs, people on lunch breaks, and noticeably a lot more business clothing. This weekend also marked a sort of milestone. I ran into my first negative reaction from taking someone's picture in public. Luckily it was just in the form of a "Hey buddy, you can't be doing that" and not anything more confrontational.

I ended up with some shots I was really happy about this wekeend. I found the following four images funny because they all featured people unintentionally lining up in the frame. I thought it was sort of neat.

Aside from normal street shooting Saturday was also the day of the Pride march in Boston. I made a home for the pictures I took on the navigation bar under the newly created "Events" tab. You can check out the fully gallery from the march here: