Updates + Nnamdi Ogbonnaya/Ed Balloon

Hey! It's been forever since I sat down and made a blog post, so here's a long overdue post. Here are some writeups/galleries that I've contributed to recently:

Parlor Walls, Service, TRIM, Blue Ray @ First Church Somerville 4/28

  Show Me The Body, KTB, Thighs, mmph & Pain Chain @ Hardcore Stadium 5/7

Bald Uakari (final show), ____highlightreel, Melissa Weikart @ The Lilypad

Edge Petal Burn's release show @ The Democracy Center

Post Animal @ Great Scott

I'll try to keep things more up to date on the blog, I've just been shooting a lot recently! Here's some pictures and a blurb about a show from this week:

The other night Nnamdi Ogbonnaya came to Great Scott to play a show with Ed Balloon. The two acts complimented each other perfectly, making for a killer weekday gig. The photos from the night are below.


Ed Balloon

Nnamdi Ogbonnaya

Updated the Site + 6D

Hey! I spent some time updating the site to make things look a bit nicer. I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I've also edited the last blog post and swapped the image grid to a carousal. I'd originally used grids in blog posts because the posts used to have less organized groups of photos, but I think the carousal works a lot better with concert photos.

In non-site related news, I picked up a Canon 6D and a Tamron 24-70 lens! I'm really excited to start using both of these, from the short amount of time I've spent with them I'm already loving the high ISO performance. This will help a lot at poorly lit shows so that's something to look forward to. I've got more stuff on the way this month. Here's a street shot from yesterday, using the 6D.